Thursday, April 25, 2019

International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

International business - Essay ExampleTheir expectation is that these additional aircraft pass on allow Ryanair to double in size to over 84 million passengers each year by 2012. Moreover, Ryanair currently employs a team of 4,200 people, comprising over 25 different nationalities (About Ryanair).Ryanairs competitive strategy is quite a simple. The company offers the lowest fares of any airline operating in Europe. The firm has succeeded by holding its ordinary fare below 50, which is about a third lower than even EasyJets, its strongest low-price competitor. The company sells seats on a one-way basis. Fares are set on the basis of strike for particular flights and by name and address to the period remaining to the date of departure of the flights higher fares are charged on flights with higher levels of demand made nearer to the date of departure.The secret of Ryanairs success in their business could be gaunt out of how they were able to narrow the value lucre by eliminating non core activities and to shorten the value network by eliminating processes that are part of the value chain. The companys aircraft handling, ticketing and other go at veritable airports are handled by third party contractors, which is Servisair. The company has its own internet booking facility and substitute centre, and generates the majority of its sales done direct selling (through website and telephone reservations).Ryanair also provides various ancillary services and engages in other activities connected with its core air passenger service, including non-flight scheduled services in-flight sale of beverages, food for thought and merchandise and internet-related services. As part of its non-flight scheduled and internet-related services, Ryanair offers accommodation services, car rentals, rail tickets, and travel insurance through both its website and its traditional telephone reservation

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